Learning Outcomes

  • Add graphics

Excel is primarily used to manage and analyze numerical data. There are times when using graphics to visually represent data makes the numbers more memorable. Excel contains multiple types of graphics from which to choose. Here is how to add and format graphics for any type of graphic chosen in SmartArt. To begin, open an Excel spreadsheet in which the graphic should be added.

  1. Select Insert on the bar menu, and in the Illustrations Group dropdown box select SmartArt. There are many different graphics from which to choose; Pictures, Shapes, Icons, etc. The Block Cycle graphic of SmartArt will be used as the example, but the actions are similar for the graphic as well.
    Screenshot of Excel, Insert tab, Illustrations group and SmartArt button.
  2. A SmartArt Graphic dialog box will open with a variety of options for graphics from which to choose.
  3. Select the type and layout of the graphic which fits the spreadsheet data best. The Cycle (1), Block Cycle (2) graphic is used for this illustration by clicking the OK button (3). The selected graphic is then inserted into the Excel workbook.
Excel screenshot of SmartDesign Graphic box menu options.

Here is the inserted graphic in the workbook.

Excel screenshot of SmartDesign Graphic inserted into a worksheet.

Once a graphic is inserted into the workbook, the SmartDesign tools automatically are selected and the graphic can now be modified.

Practice questions