Inserting Videos in PowerPoint

Learning Outcomes

  • Insert an online video into a PowerPoint slide

Karen is creating a work presentation to introduce her team to a few different concepts. She begins by adding in her video slides first. Later she will fill in the rest of the presentation around them. The first video is about using creative commons licensed material. She has already opened a new presentation in PowerPoint and has a video she wishes to insert into her slide.

Placing the cursor on the small box with the six different choices, she selects the Insert Video icon.

A Microsoft powerpoint is open. There is a green arrow pointing at a blank slide where the option to insert a video can be found.

The insert video window will appear and since Karen knows the video she wants is on YouTube so she searches in the YouTube box. She searches for Creative Commons and presses the Enter key. Her search results appear and she scrolls through to find the video she wants.

A Microsoft powerpoint is open. A insert video dialog box has opened with four options. The third option down is to search on youtube. In the youtube search section creative commons has been entered.
A Microsoft powerpoint is open. In the insert video dialog box results for creative commons videos are being displayed.

Karen selects the video and clicks the Insert button (she can also double-click on the video to insert). Once the video is inserted, she has a variety of options. Let’s take a look at what she can choose.

A Microsoft powerpoint is open. A video has been inserted and there are 4 green numbers showing how to edit the video. The first number shows where the video tools button is, the second shows where the video styles feature is. The third shows where the resizing tool can be found and the fourth number represents how you can simply resize the image by dragging it.

Practice Question

  1. Video Tools. This is a special tab that automatically appears when inserting a video.
  2. Video Styles. Karen can select a variety of different styles to display the video in this slide.
  3. Resizing Tool. Karen wants to make the video appear larger on the slide. She can click the Height and Width arrows to increase the size.
  4. Resizing by Dragging. Alternatively Karen can resize the video by clicking on a corner or side and dragging the cursor to the desired size.

Practice Question

Karen decides she doesn’t like the hard edges on the video. She moves up to the video style ribbon and selects the Visual Effects button.

A Microsoft powerpoint is open. A video has been inserted and there are three green arrows pointing out how to make adjustments. The first arrow points at the video effects dropdown menu, the second points at the option to create a soft edge for the video and the third shows that the soft edge has been set at 2.5.

She selects the Soft Edge > 2.5 Point option. To play the video, she double-clicks on it and waits until she sees the YouTube red icon.

A Microsoft powerpoint is open. A video has been inserted and there is a green arrow pointing to the play button on the video.

Now when Karen clicks the red button, the video plays.