Module 11 Assignment: Create a New Presentation

For this assignment, you will create a short PowerPoint presentation that includes several objects as well as slide transitions. In this assignment, imagine you have been asked to present at the next staff meeting. You know you will have lots of data tables and sales figures to discuss, but you also want to keep the mood light by having some humor in your presentation. So the first thing you will do is find some visuals to help break up the business discussion.

Follow the directions, then submit your assignment. If you get stuck on a step, review this module and ask your classmates for help in the discussion forum.

  1. Open a new blank presentation. Save it to the Rowan folder on your desktop as BA132_LastName_NewPresentation.pptx, replacing “LastName” with your own last name. (Example: BA132_Hywater_NewPresentation) It is a good idea to save your work periodically.
  2. On the first slide, title the presentation “Module 10 Presentation” with your name in the subtitle box.A Microsoft Powerpoint deck is open with 1 slide. On the Title slide it says Module 10 Presentation. The subtitle says Your Name Here.
  3. Add three more slides with these layouts: “Title and Content,” “Two Content,” and “Title and Content.”
    A Microsoft Powerpoint is open with 4 slides displayed.
  4. Add an image of your choice to the second slide and align this image to the left.
    A Microsoft Powerpoint is open with 4 slides displayed. On the second slide an image of a koala has been inserted.
  5. Add clip art to the third slide. Align the left object to the top of the slide. Align the right object to the bottom of the slide.
    A Microsoft Powerpoint is open with 4 slides displayed. On the third slide two clip art images have been inserted. There is an image of Charlie Brown and friends in the top right of the slide and a smiling yellow star on the bottom right.
  6. Create a SmartArt graphic on slide 4. You may copy the example, which shows a basic process. Choose your own color scheme. Any color other than the default blue color is acceptable.
    A Microsoft Powerpoint is open with 4 slides displayed. On the 4th slide a smart art graphic has been opened. There are three boxes from left to right. The one on the left is yellow and says "Open a File", there is a yellow arrow pointing right directly next to it. The box in the middle is green and states "Edit the file". In between the green box in the middle and a blue box on the right is a blue arrow pointing right.
  7. Add one new slide with the Title and Content layout. Insert an online video about koalas and title the slide.
  8. Lastly, go to each slide in the presentation and add any type of transition you would like for each slide.
  9. Save your work and submit it in your course online.