Module 12 Assignment: Modify Existing PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes when there are monthly presentations within a group, organization or business, instead of creating a new presentation you simply modify an existing one to make it fresh and relevant now. In this assignment, you will work with an existing presentation and modify it to meet a different objective from its original use, like the next quarter sales department meeting.

To complete this assignment, download the PowerPoint presentation here. Follow the directions, then submit your assignment. If you get stuck on a step, review this module and ask your classmates for help in the discussion forum. This assignment can be found in Google Docs: Computer Applications for Managers Assignment: Modify Existing PowerPoint Presentations

  1. Open the presentation and save the new Module 11 assignment file to the Rowan folder on your desktop as BA132_LastName_QuarterSales.ppxt, replacing “LastName” with your own last name. (Example: BA132_Hywater_QuarterSales) It is a good idea to save your work periodically.
  2. Open the existing sales PowerPoint presentation from the Southwest region office.
    A PowerPoint slide deck with 6 slides. The first slide is a title slide with the words "Southwest Region: New Area for Company Sales"
  3. New Design: Choose a new style for this presentation and select it. The entire set of slides should change to this new design style.
    The same title slide with a different theme applied. The background is now red instead of green.
  4. Modify Color Theme: Select a different color theme for the presentation. Keep in mind this is for a professional setting. Keep the colors in the range where reading a slide is easy for the audience.
    The same slide with the same layout and design elements. The background color has been changed back to green.
  5. Modify Title Slide: Select the ‘Design Idea’ button and choose a design that incorporates a place for a picture.
    Same title slide. The background is a dark grey, indicating where a picture should be added.
  6. Add Internet Picture: Modify the picture by searching the internet for a picture of a meeting and insert it into the slide. Select the best design to highlight the picture.
    The same title slide, with slightly different design elements. A picture has been added to the background.
  7. Modify Text: Change the title and subtitle to read ‘Northeast Region, Quarter 2 Sales’ and move to the next slide.
    The same slide, but the text has been changed per the instructions.
  8. Update Team: Change the team members to all new names and modify the bullet-point list to highlight other things about the team.
    Slide two of a 6 slide deck. There is a simple organizational chart with six individuals. There is a bulleted list next to the org chart.
  9. Modify Chart Data: On the next slide, update the states and chart table data to reflect the Northeast regional sales. Move the text boxes and resize the chart to fit better on the slide with the additional states.
    1. Northeast Region information for the chart table for Q2 Sales:
State Product A Product B
Connecticut 4.3 2.4
Maine 2.5 4.4
Massachusetts 3.5 1.8
New Hampshire 4.5 2.8
Rhode Island 3.2 1.2
Vermont 2.2 3.1
Silde 3 in the PPT slide deck. There is a chart showing the data in the table above.
  1. Delete Slide: Delete the next slide about Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  2. New Slide: Add a new slide with the Title and Content layout.
  3. Download this image to your computer. Then, insert a picture from a file and put in the background.
  4. Add a table, resize to fit, make font large enough size to easily read, change the table and font color to something that matches with the picture background.
Product April May June
Soda 1500 2000 2350
Chips 625 954 1025
Gum 2654 1546 1751
Candy 465 498 321
Slide 4 of the deck. The slide has the downloaded image, and table, per instructions.
  1. Delete Slides: Delete the last two slides.
  2. New Slide with Video: Add a new slide with the ‘Title and Content’ layout. Type in the title ‘Redesigning Store Ideas’ and insert the YouTube video
    Image of the slide describe above in the directions
  3. Animations: Lastly, add in a variety of animations to a few slides in the presentation and save your work again.
  4. Run Presentation: Run through the Slide Show to adjust any animations or other things.
  5. Submit the presentation file in your course online.