Module 15 Discussion: Ways to Manage Access Tables

Now you have some experience with what you can do in Access. If you have seen an Access file that contained several tables and many saved queries it may seem a bit overwhelming. What are a few ways to help manage the queries and tables as they begin to accumulate?

While the video shows an older version of Access (MicrosoftAccess 2016), the same solutions work in other versions ofAccess, including 2019 and 365.

Watch this video about tips for managing Access tables and ask yourself a few questions and discuss your answers to them.

You can view the transcript for “Tips for Managing Tables” here (opens in new window).

Discussion Questions

  • Do you think you will use the hide a table tool to keep the view manageable? If so, when and why?
  • Which of the different ways to rearrange tables and queries do you prefer? Why?
  • Would you use these tips if you had only a few tables or not? Why?

Share your opinions below and respond to two of your classmates’ thoughts.