Putting It Together: Integration

With a few skills and tools learned from this module, you can now create and insert multiple types of charts, tables, hyperlinks, videos, pictures, and icons into whatever Microsoft computer application you use. At the beginning of this module, the video talked about the real goal of learning all of this information, working with what you and other people create to accomplish your tasks and goals.

The variety of scenarios used throughout this module illustrated how you can use these integration skills at work. You can now utilize these skills for school or personal projects as well. Communication with coworkers, management, and others, will now be more easily accomplished through application integration skills. Here are a few instances that can call on those skills.

  1. You want to break up the long presentation to your work team—add in a video.
  2. Your boss asks for the latest financial information tables in your report—integrate an Excel table into your Word document.
  3. You want to record a few types of resources in your Excel spreadsheet for future reference—add in hyperlinks to websites.
  4. You want to send letters to a large amount of people—use your Access database to do a mail merge in Word.