Uploading Videos in PowerPoint

Learning Outcomes

  • Upload a video into a PowerPoint slide.

Lastly, Karen has a video on her computer to add for the end of the presentation. She creates a new slide, titles it The End, and clicks on the Insert Video icon. Now the insert video window appears, and she selects the From a file option.

A Microsoft powerpoint is open. An insert video dialog box is open with four options. The first option has been selected which is to choose a video from the computers files. A green arrow points at the browse button.

She finds her file in her computer’s folders, selects it and clicks the Insert button (or double-clicks on the file).

A Microsoft powerpoint is open. An insert video dialog box is open showing video files on the computer. There are two green arrows, one is pointing at the video that has been selected and the other at the insert button.

The video is added to her slide.

Practice Question

Note: Many people upload videos from their computers for presentations just in case the internet connection is slow when running their presentation. With a video on your computer, you can count on it working when the time is right.

Karen wants to modify the ending of the video. After dragging and resizing it, she clicks on the Playback tab and makes a few changes.

A Microsoft powerpoint is open. A video on the third slide has been inserted. There are 8 numbers showing different aspected of insuring the video into the powerpoint. The first shows where the video tools button is, the second shows where the playback tab is found, the third displays the start button, the fourth shows the loop until stopped feature, the fifth shows how to trim the video, the sixth points at where the start time toggle button is, while the seventh shows where the end time toggle button is and finally the eighth shows the ok button.
  1. Video Tools. This is the highlighted menu for editing video.
  2. Playback Tab. This regulates playback for videos in the slide.
  3. Start Button. Karen selects the option to play the video automatically.
  4. Loop until Stopped. Karen wants this video to keep playing until she stops it.
  5. Trim Video Button. This opens a trim video box for Karen to change her video.
  6. Start Time Toggle. Karen moves the toggle to start the video a few seconds in from the original beginning of the video. She wants the seagulls to be further out of the way when the video starts.
  7. End Time Toggle. Karen wants the dusky sunset video to end at this point before looping and playing again.
  8. OK Button. To set these changes Karen clicks the button.

Practice Questions

To make sure the video is set exactly how Karen wants she clicks the Preview Play Button or the Arrow Button underneath the video.

A Microsoft powerpoint is open. A video on the third slide has been inserted. Two green arrows show the two places where you can play the video.

Karen is all set with her video slides. We will now leave Karen to finish her presentation.