Why It Matters: Internet Research

Why learn how to run an internet search?

In today’s world, businesses depend heavily on computer technology and its connection to the World Wide Web to access vast amounts of information, to conduct research, and to communicate quickly with other business and customers. Understanding how to access and use that information is vital to both small and large business.

Managers frequently create reports and presentations to communicate company and competitive landscape information to a variety of audiences. The ability to understand web browsers and to effectively search for needed data, images, articles, and other information has become a critical skill to have in the global business world of today.

This module focuses on the basic skills needed to conduct meaningful and useful searches with the internet for business. The lessons to learn in this module include:

  • Identifying and understanding web browser basics.
  • Conducting searches in the web.
  • Searching for images.
  • Understanding a variety of tools to modify and narrow searches.