About This Course

This course is aimed at beginning to intermediate computer users. It teaches a range of computer skills from the basics of using Windows, to basic internet literacy, to creating projects using Microsoft Office. Assignments show step-by-step visuals to help students complete projects, and include integration across Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

This course was developed by Lumen Learning in conjunction with Cerritos College, with contributing work from Sherri Pendelton, Shelli Carter, and Robert Danielson, as well as videos from multiple sources.

Course Improvements

This new edition of Computer Applications for Managers includes improvements and enhancements including:

  • New learning outcomes in Module 2: Internet Research discussing ethical business research
  • Expanded and resequenced Microsoft Word modules
  • One new Microsoft Excel module and resequenced pre-existing Excel modules
  • One new Microsoft PowerPoint module and resequenced pre-existing PowerPoint modules
  • Three new Microsoft Access modules
    • Module 12: Microsoft Access Basic Skills
    • Module 13: Microsoft Access Intermediate Skills
    • Module 14: Microsoft Access Advanced Skills
  • Expansion of Module 15: Integration to include Microsoft Access

We believe in making continuous improvements to our courses in order to enhance and facilitate student learning. This newest version of the course includes data-driven improvements to assessment questions and text content in order to better illustrate, clarify, and evaluate concepts.


This book has benefited from the contributions of many people, including Phillip Bagley, Kristina Bengston, Destin Carlisle, Michael Castillo, Nicole Colter, Ash Crespo, Shawn Davis, Teresa DeLoach, Brenda D’Mello, Trinity Downs, Samantha Garcia, Jasmine Gomez, Steven Hintzsche, Bao Hoang, Kathleen Lecompte, Kita Lupardus, Angelina Robinson, Caroline Vanhouten,  Chris Westbrook, and William Young.

About Lumen

Lumen Learning’s mission is to make great learning opportunities available to all students, regardless of socioeconomic background.

We do this by using open educational resources (OER) to create well-designed and low-cost course materials that replace expensive textbooks. Because learning is about more than affordability and access, we also apply learning science insights and efficacy research to develop learning activities that are engineered to improve subject mastery, course completion and retention.

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