Creating Basic Forms

Learning Outcomes

  • Create basic forms

Access makes it relatively easy to create a basic form.

  1. Select the table or query containing the data you are interested in seeing on your form in the Navigation pane.
  2. Go to the Create tab, and the Forms group and select Form.

Access will create a basic form and open it in Layout view. You should be able to see the data you selected. In Layout view, you have some limited capabilities to make design changes to the form.

In addition to creating a basic form, Access will check to see if there are one-to-many relationships existing between the table you selected to create the form and any other tables in the database. If so, it will add a datasheet based on the related table or query to your basic form. For example, if you create a basic form based on the Customers table, and there is a one-to-many relationship with the Orders table, Access will display all of the records in the Orders table that relate to the Customers table in Datasheet view.

A Microsoft Access database is open showing a Form titled Supplier List with seven fields.

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For detailed, step-by-step instructions Microsoft Access Help is an excellent resource and can be found by following this link: MS Access Help: Creating Forms


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