Creating Lists

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a list

If you have experienced PowerPoint presentations, you’ve seen lists presented. There are standard bullet point and numbered lists, but there are additional ways to make lists in PowerPoint. Lists can be complex or as simple as you wish them to be.

Creating Lists

Many PowerPoint slides contain formatting in them with bulleted lists. If you see a slide with a bullet point stating “Click to add text” in the slide it, the slide is ready for a bullet point list already. If you do not see a bullet point already, it can be added by going to the Home tab, Paragraph group, and select either the bullet list or numbers list button.

PowerPoint screenshot highlighting Home tab, bullet and number list buttons.

With a new formatted slide follow these steps to create a list:

  • Click in the frame and begin to type in your list.
    PowerPoint screenshot highlighting Home tab, and new slide waiting for bullet list to be typed into it.
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard when done and the cursor moves down to the next list line.
  • Continue to type out points until you are finished with your list. This is how to create a basic list either with bullet points or numbered list. Creating a standard list is a straightforward process in PowerPoint.
PowerPoint screenshot highlighting Home tab, and slide with new bullet list typed into it. PowerPoint screenshot highlighting Home tab, and slide with new numbered list typed into it.

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