Introduction to Exploring the Relationship Between Decimals and Fractions

What you’ll learn to do: Understand the relationship between decimals and fractions

A chicken coop made of wood, wire, and corrugated metal, with six chickens inside

How many rolls of wire does Lucy need to build her chicken coop?

Lucy wants to build a new chicken coop in her backyard. She calculates that she needs 12 1/4 feet of wire for fencing. At the hardware store, Lucy discovers that the wire comes in rolls measuring 3.5 feet in length each. How many rolls of wire does Lucy need to buy? To determine this, she’ll need to convert the fraction in her measurement to a decimal before she can divide the amount of wire she needs by the amount of wire per role. In this section, you’ll learn how to convert fractions to decimals and simplify expressions using the order of operations.

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