Introduction to Factoring Special Cases

Why Learn How to Factor Special Cases?

Repeated pattern of interlocking plus signs, each row a different color following the rainbow spectrum.

Some people like to find patterns in the world around them, like a game. There are some polynomials that, when factored, follow a specific pattern.

These include:

Perfect square trinomials of the form: [latex]{a}^{2}+2ab+{b}^{2}[/latex]

A difference of squares: [latex]{a}^{2}-{b}^{2}[/latex]

A sum of cubes: [latex]{a}^{3}+{b}^{3}[/latex]

A difference of cubes: [latex]{a}^{3}-{b}^{3}[/latex]

In this lesson you will see you can factor each of these types of polynomials following a specific pattern. You will also learn how to factor polynomials that have negative or fractional exponents.


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