Putting It Together: Percents

At the beginning of this module, we joined you at your juggling club, where you had the following information:

  • When you show up to the first meeting with your club, 33 people are there out of the 68 who signed up.
An animated image of a stick figure juggling multiple circles.


If 45% of the people who initially signed up need to come to the first meeting to receive funding will your club receive funding?

First, let’s find what 45% of 68 is. We can use the percent equation:

[latex]0.45(68) = 30.6 = 31[/latex] people. Your club can get funding because you were required to have at least 31 people attend the first meeting.

You also want to determine the percentage of people who want to juggle with fire, if 11 are interested out of the 33 who attended.

[latex]\Large\frac{11}{33}\normalsize = 0.33 = 33[/latex]%