Summary: Polynomials in Applications

In this section, we looked at how to solve application problems that use polynomials.  Below are some of the formulas that were used to solve these problems.

Key Concepts

  • Perimeter = Sum of the Length of the Sides of a Figure
  • Area of a Rectangle  [latex]A=lw[/latex]
  • Area of a Circle  [latex]A=\pi{r^2}[/latex]
  • Volume of a Cylinder  [latex]V=\pi{r^2}h[/latex]
  • A Note about [latex]\pi[/latex]  It is easy to confuse [latex]\pi[/latex] (pronounced “pie”) as a variable because we use a greek letter to represent it.  We use a greek letter instead of a number because nobody has been able to find an end to the number of digits of [latex]\pi[/latex].
  • Profit is typically defined in business as the difference between the amount of money earned (revenue) by producing a certain number of items and the amount of money it takes to produce that number of items.
    • [latex]P=R-C[/latex]  where [latex]P[/latex] is profic, [latex]R[/latex] is the revenue generated by selling those items, and [latex]C[/latex] is the cost to a manufacturer to produce a certain number of items.


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