Summary: Using Formulas to Solve Word Problems

Key Concepts

Distance, Rate, and Time Formula

  • [latex]d={r}{t}[/latex]

Where [latex]d[/latex] is distance, [latex]r[/latex] is rate, and [latex]t[/latex] is time.

Simple interest earned in an account can be defined by the formula

  • [latex]\displaystyle I=P\,\cdot \,r\,\cdot \,t[/latex]

Where I is the interest earned, P is principal, r is the interest rate, and t is time.

Conversion formula for Fahrenheit to Celsius is

  • [latex]C=\left(F-32\right)\cdot \frac{5}{9}[/latex]

Where F is degrees in Fahrenheit and C is degrees in Celsius