Introduction to Problem Solving Strategies for Word Problems

What you’ll learn to do: Use a problem solving strategy when solving equations

Highway into a city at night

A clear strategy can put you on the fast track to solving word problems.

Equations, when used in our everyday lives, tend to be harder to solve because of their difficult wording. Numbers are generally spoken or delivered through written word. For example, how long would it take me to drive 10 miles if I am going 65 miles per hour? This chapter will teach you strategies when approaching word problems with no obvious equation, as well as how to apply these strategies to number problems.

Before you get started in this module, try a few practice problems and review prior concepts.




If you missed this problem, review this video about solving a one step equation that contains a fraction.


If you missed this problem, review this video on solving linear equations that require two steps, and involve both addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.


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