Why It Matters: Percents

Why demonstrate an understanding of percents and how they relate to other number formats?

At school, you decide to start a juggling club in hopes of sharing your passion with your classmates and meeting some fellow jugglers! You are hoping to get funding for your club so that you can order new materials. With the funding, the club wants to tackle new and dangerous juggling tricks, one of which being fire. In your first meeting, you hope to discover how many members would want to juggle fire and whether your club qualifies for funding.

Hands holding juggling torches

In order to get funding for the club, 45% of the people who initially signed up need to come to the first meeting.  If 33 people showed up, and 67 signed up, will you get funding?

After the meeting, you look at the results of a poll you took to gauge interest in juggling with fire as opposed to simpler, less dangerous objects, and discover that 11 people want to juggle with fire.  Rounding to the nearest whole number, what percent of the people at the meeting wanted to juggle fire?

After you finish the activities in this module, you will be able to answer the questions about the juggling club, and maybe you will want to start your own!