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You can view them below or throughout the course.


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Alternative Excel-Based Assignments

For Modules 3–15, additional excel-based assignments are available below.

Module 3: Recording Business Transactions

Module 4: The Accounting Cycle

Module 5: Accounting for Cash

Module 6: Receivables and Revenue

Module 7: Merchandising Operations

Module 8: Inventory Valuation Methods

Module 9: Property, Plant, and Equipment

Module 10: Other Assets

Module 11: Current Liabilities

Module 12: Non-Current Liabilities

Module 13: Accounting for Corporations

Module 14: Statement of Cash Flows

Module 15: Financial Statement Analysis

Review Problems

There are also three unit review assignments and a final review. These reviews include a document which sets up the problems and an excel worksheet.

Unit 1 Review Problem (After Module 6)

Unit 2 Review Problem (After Module 8)

Unit 3 Review Problem (After Module 9)

Final Review (After Module 15)