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Note: These discussions also appear on the Assignments page of this book. This page is reserved for instructor access only, and it also contains available answer keys and solution guides. It is your responsibility to handle answer keys and assignment solutions securely and appropriately to prevent them from being widely available and searchable via the Internet.


The following discussion assignments will also be preloaded (into the discussion-board tool) in your learning management system if you import the course. They can be used as is, modified, or removed. You can view them below or throughout the course.

Discussion Module Alignment
Discussion: The Role of Human Resources Module 1: The Role of Human Resources
Discussion: Human Resource Strategy and Planning Module 2: Human Resource Strategy and Planning
Discussion: People Analytics and Human Capital Trends Module 3: People Analytics and Human Capital Trends
Discussion: Diversity in the Workplace Module 4: Diversity in the Workplace
Discussion: Workforce Planning Module 5: Workforce Planning
Discussion: Recruitment and Selection Module 6: Recruitment and Selection
Discussion: Onboarding, Training, and Developing Employees Module 7: Onboarding, Training, and Developing Employees
Discussion: Compensation and Benefits Module 8: Compensation and Benefits
Discussion: Performance Management and Appraisal Module 9: Performance Management and Appraisal
Discussion: Building Positive Employee Relations Module 10: Building Positive Employee Relations
Discussion: Employee Termination Module 11: Employee Termination
Discussion: Employee Rights and Responsibilities Module 12: Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Discussion: Union–Management Relations Module 13: Union–Management Relations
Discussion: Safety, Health, and Risk Management Module 14: Safety, Health, and Risk Management
Discussion: Corporate Social Responsibility Module 15: Corporate Social Responsibility
Discussion: Global Human Resources Module 16: Global Human Resources
Discussion: Human Resources in Small and Entrepreneurial Businesses Module 17: Human Resources in Small and Entrepreneurial Businesses

Rubric for Discussion Posts

There is also a sample rubric to assist you in grading. Instructors may modify these guidelines or use their own.

Discussion Grading Rubric
Criteria Not Evident Developing Exemplary Points
Submit your initial response 0 pts
No post made
5 pts
Post is either late or off-topic
10 pts
Post is made on time and is focused on the prompt
10 pts
Respond to at least two peers’ presentations 0 pts
No response to peers
2 pts
Responded to only one peer
5 pts
Responded to two peers
5 pts
Total: 15 pts

There are also solutions available for these discussions: