Module 1 Discussion: The Role of Human Resources

You are being hired as an HR leader for a small IT communication business that doesn’t currently have an HR function. The business owner wants you to hire people and keep them government compliant, but you know you can do more. This IT communication business wants to bring their communication products to two new international markets this year, wants to come up with innovation around portable devices, and hopes to increase their staff by 50% to support all the new activity.

Discussion Prompt

The small business owner doesn’t understand everything you, as HR professional, can do for him. Put together a list of all the functions you can perform to make the organization more successful if staffed with an HR department and how they will benefit the business. Then, review the suggestions of two of your peers, and make comment on their suggestions.


Share your opinions below and respond to two of your classmates’ thoughts.

Discussion Grading Rubric
Criteria Not Evident Developing Exemplary Points
Submit your initial response 0 pts
No post made
5 pts
Post is either late or off-topic
10 pts
Post is made on time and is focused on the prompt
10 pts
Respond to at least two peers’ presentations 0 pts
No response to peers
2 pts
Responded to only one peer
5 pts
Responded to two peers
5 pts
Total: 15 pts