Module 9 Discussion: Performance Management and Appraisal

A recent article in Kellogg Insight (an online publication of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management) uncovered a gender bias in performance management that you will consider today.

In the article “Numeric Performance Reviews Can Be Biased Against Women,” authors Lauren Rivera and Andras Tilcsik claimed that ten-point rating systems in performance appraisals are biased against women, who score lower on the scale than their male counterparts, particularly in male-dominated fields. However, when that ten-point rating system is converted to a six-point rating system, women are scored much more fairly.

Discussion Prompt

Is this really the case, that some performance management scoring systems are gender biased? Why would a six-point scale work more in a woman’s favor than a ten-point system? Write at least a paragraph describing why this shift in rating scale would be more favorable to women. Then, in your next paragraph, provide some solutions as to how you, as a human resources professional, would put changes in place to level the playing field for your female employees.

When you’ve completed and submitted your response, peer review and provide comments for at least two of your classmates.


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