Putting It Together: Building Positive Employee Relations

Let’s revisit Michael at ABC Accounting Firm. If ABC Accounting decided to focus on employee engagement, how would they be able to change Michael’s experience and the effectiveness of their workforce?

Photograph of Michael and three other people standing in an office. They have put their hands together while standing in a circle.

As we have discussed in this module, an engaged workplace yields more effective and satisfied employees, which directly correlates to higher productivity and profitability. If ABC Accounting Firm took more time to get to know their employees and create a more engaging and cooperative working environment, employees like Michael would be less likely to begin job hunting for other employment opportunities. In addition, if their employees enjoyed coming to work every day, they would be less likely to monitor the clock and leave as early as possible. Employees who enjoy what they do, or who enjoy the people they work with, are more likely to put in extra time and effort at work. So, in addition to higher productivity and profitability, a more engaged team will also reduce turnover and develop a more consistent workplace.

Although engagement is not something that can be established overnight, it is clear that companies, or ABC Accounting Firm in this scenario, can benefit from promoting employee engagement. It is obvious that higher engagement is beneficial to companies and employees alike. The challenge is to determine the best way to effectively promote it. Thankfully, there are multiple members in each organization that are capable of implementing changes to promote engagement as a steady part of the organization’s culture.