Putting It Together: Human Resources in Small and Entrepreneurial Businesses

Three coworkers huddle around a laptop, discussing work.As we discussed earlier, small businesses account for 99% of the businesses in the United States, and almost half of the country works for a small business. As an HR professional, you could find yourself happily employed for a small business. There are many reasons to work for a small business, such as:

  • You are likely to have some autonomy to work independently
  • It can be easier to put ideas into action
  • There may be greater job satisfaction and opportunity for job growth
  • You may have an increased sense of ownership
  • The company is able to react quickly to change

…and so many more. The reasons why you might find yourself happy at a small business are the same reasons others are attracted to them. Leverage those great qualities to bring like-minded individuals into the company with you. You’re armed with the information to make small business HR a success.