Why It Matters: Using Technology to Manage Business Information

Why learn how technology is used to manage business information?

In this module you will learn ways in which businesses use technology to turn data into information and then use that same technology to manage that information. In the 90s we talked about the dawn of the “digital age” where old processes were quickly converted to digital processes. That digital age of the 1990s and 2000s evolved into what we now refer to as the “information age.” Technology has progressed so rapidly that businesses are able to capture billions of bytes of data every day. This data is analyzed and converted into information and consequently we now consider ourselves to be living in the “information age.” The primary characteristic of this information age is successful businesses are able to leverage information to create and maintain a competitive advantage over the competition. In fact, in today’s world almost every aspect of business operations is impacted by technology to some extent. But, before we begin our discussion of technology, information and business, let’s get some perspective on the “information age” in the video that follows.