Additional Resources

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Helpful Resources for Instructors

Additional helpful resources for instructors were created by Kathy Dolan and Jennie Law of Georgia State University.

Resources include:

  1. A list of web sources related to each module.
  2. Please see the curated YouTube playlists corresponding with each OpenStax Sociology 2E chapter at this link (note that these chapters differ slightly from the Lumen version): Curated YouTube Playlists For Each Chapter

Video List

All videos used in the text of this course have been compiled in a spreadsheet for easy review. This spreadsheet details the alignment of videos appearing in the text to skill-level learning outcomes.

Link to access the spreadsheet: Sociology Video List

General Sociology Resources

Sociology Infographics

Module 1: An Introduction to Sociology

Module 2: Sociological Research

Module 3: Culture

Module 4: Socialization

Module 5: Society and Groups

Module 6: Deviance, Crime and Social Control

Module 7: Stratification and Inequality

Module 8: Race and Ethnicity

Module 9: Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

Module 10: Marriage and Family

Module 11: Religion

Module 12: Education

Module 13: Health and Medicine

Module 14: Aging and the Elderly

Module 15: Government and Politics

Module 16: Work and the Economy

Module 17: Population, Urbanization and the Environment

Module 18: Social Movements and Social Change


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