Module 11 Discussion: Religion

This module introduced two contrasting perspectives on religiosity in the United States: 1) society is becoming more secularized, or, 2) society is becoming more fundamentalist. Which position do you agree with and why? Provide relevant examples where possible.

Reply to two other students’ posts, remembering to be courteous to others. Reply to one post you agree with and one you disagree with. Replies should add substance to the conversation.


Criteria Ratings Points
Identifies position and defends it logically No to few errors in logic or identification, treats topic with respect Several errors in logic or displays misunderstanding of question, but attempts to answer Riddled with errors in logic and/or shows blatant disrespect for subject __/5
Replies to two other students’ responses appropriately Addresses two other students’ arguments with sound logic with respect. Replies respectfully and logically to at least one opposing viewpoint Replies may only agree, but add to the conversation, or responses to both viewpoints may exist, but display confusion Replies to other students are insubstantial, such as “I agree,” with little else; or disagree disrespectfully __/5
Total: __/10