Module 13 Discussion: Health and Medicine

This discussion post about health and medicine should be at least 250 words and include relevant vocabulary and information from the module to support your response.

STEP 1: Search for a news article that describes or addresses an illness or disease in some way.  Summarize the article in a few sentences, specifically explaining what it mentions about health or medicine. Include a link to the actual article in your response.

STEP 2: Do some research to write a short paragraph explaining the illness mentioned in the article. What is the illness? Where is it most prevalent? Who does it mostly affect? What is the experience for those who have the illness?

STEP 3: Use your sociological imagination to write a paragraph describing the social implications of the illness. Which parts of the illness are medically constructed, and which are socially constructed? Is the illness stigmatized?

STEP 4: Return to the discussion to post on and least TWO classmate’s responses, adding supporting information and comments to their initial post.