Module 5 Assignment: Preschool Journal

STEP 1: Write a journal entry about your life as a young child by answering the following questions:

  1. Where did your family live when you were a preschooler and who was residing in the house? Did you share a bedroom and did you have a “going to bed” routine? What was your favorite toy, story, and game?
  2. Did your parents or caregivers work? If they did, who took care of you? What did a typical day look like for you as a young child? Describe an everyday activity you played.
  3. Do you recall any particular event that happened to you between two and six years of age? How might this have affected your later development? If you can’t remember specifics, ask for help from others, or describe something you know happened but may not remember.
  4. Reflect on your early childhood years. What style of parenting did your parents use? Has your parents’ style affected the person you have become? Has their style of parenting changed how you plan to discipline your children?
  5. List any values, beliefs, attitudes, holidays, foods, etc. supported by your ethnic group(s). What, if any, religion did your family practice? How do you think that affected your school years? Do any of the family traditions carry on today? If you have children, do you carry on these traditions in a similar fashion, or do you plan to?
  6. Did you experience any school difficulties during your early elementary school years? How do you think your upbringing affects how you plan to raise your family?

STEP 2: Submit your assignment as either detailed responses to the five questions, OR as a reflection essay (between 400-600 words) that addresses all of the questions.

Sample Grading Rubric
Criteria Proficient Developing Not Evident Points
Thorough and detailed response Writes in clear, descriptive sentences with no or few grammatical errors. Answers responses correctly and appropriately. Does not provide enough detail in responding to the prompt, or responds incorrectly. Incomplete responses or difficult to understand or follow. __/6
Personal reflection Shows personal reflection and includes examples from own experiences. Demonstrates some personal reflection but is not thorough. Does not include personal reflection or demonstrate understanding of the material. __/6
Total: __/12