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This Lifespan Development course contains eleven modules, which provides room for flexibility to teach the course within a variety of semester constraints. In a common fifteen-week semester, instructors may pick the areas they prefer to emphasize and stretch these modules over two or more weeks. The “smallest” modules are the first introductory module, Lifespan Development, and the final module on Death and Dying, but the modules on Middle Adulthood and Late Adulthood are also a bit smaller. The largest modules, that could easily be drawn out to cover more than one week, are those on Infancy, Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, and Early Adulthood.

Lifespan Development Pacing
Weeks 15-week semester 8-week semester
 Week 1 Module 1: Lifespan Development Module 1: Lifespan Development and Module 2: Developmental Theories
 Week 2 Module 2: Developmental Theories Module 3: Prenatal Development and Module 4: Infancy
 Week 3 Module 3: Prenatal Development Module 5: Early Childhood
 Week 4 Module 4: Infancy Module 6: Middle Childhood
 Week 5 Module 4: Infancy Module 7: Adolescence
 Week 6 Module 5: Early Childhood Module 8: Early Adulthood
 Week 7 Module 5: Early Childhood Module 9: Middle Adulthood and Module 10: Late Adulthood
 Week 8 Module 6: Middle Childhood Module 11: Death and Dying
 Week 9 Module 6: Middle Childhood
 Week 10 Module 7: Adolescence
 Week 11 Module 8: Early Adulthood
Week 12 Module 8: Early Adulthood
Week 13 Module 9: Middle Adulthood
Week 14 Module 10: Late Adulthood
Week 15 Module 11: Death and Dying