Module 1 Assignment: Problem Set — Economic Thinking

Click the following link to download the problem set for this module: Economic Thinking Problem Set.

Economic Thinking Problem Set

Use the following graph to answer questions 1 through 3:

A straight line with y intercept of (0,1) that passes through two points: Point A is located at (2, 2) and point B is located at (4, 3).
  1. What is the rise of the line?


  1. What is the run of the line?


  1. Finally, what is the slope of the line?


  1. Solve for x in the following equation:

[latex]x= 3+2\times 9[/latex]


  1. Solve for y in the following equation:

[latex]y=(6+3)\div 10[/latex]


  1. Given the following two equations, solve for x:




  1. Given the following two equations, solve for y:





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