Course Contents at a Glance

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The following list shows a summary of the topics covered in this course. To see all of the course pages, visit the Table of Contents.

Module 1: Introduction to Organizational Behavior

  • Management Theory and Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational Behavior as Its Own Field
  • Contemporary Issues

Module 2: Social Diversity in the Workplace

  • Social Progress in the Workplace
  • The Complexity of Diversity
  • Contemporary Social Diversity

Module 3: Ethics in Business

  • Business Ethics in Organizational Behavior
  • Behaving Ethically

Module 4: Individual Personalities and Behaviors

  • Personality and Behavior in the Workplace
  • Workplace Influence on Individuality

Module 5: Organizational Culture

  • Defining Organizational Culture
  • External Factors of Organizational Culture
  • Internal Factors of Organizational Culture

Module 6: Motivation in the Workplace

  • Motivation in Organizational Behavior
  • Theories of Motivation
  • Motivation in the Workplace

Module 7: Managing Stress and Emotions

  • Stress in an Organization
  • Workplace Stress Management

Module 8: Communication in the Workplace

  • Key Components of Communication
  • Communicating with Technology
  • Other Concerns in Workplace Communication

Module 9: Group Dynamics

  • Group Dynamics

Module 10: Managing Groups and Teams

  • Group and Team Management
  • Theories of Group and Teamwork

Module 11: Conflict and Negotiation

  • Conflict Management
  • Negotiation

Module 12: Making Decisions

  • Making Decisions in Different Organizations
  • Data and Managerialism in Decision Making

Module 13: Leadership

  • The History of Leadership Theories
  • Leadership Styles and Topics
  • Leadership vs Management

Module 14: Organizational Structure

  • Organizational Structures and Their History
  • Choosing an Organizational Structure

Module 15: Organizational Change

  • Change Management
  • Success and Failure in Change