Introduction to Business Ethics in Organizational Behavior

What you’ll learn to do: Describe the history of business ethics as a topic in organizational behavior

decorative imageThe term “business ethics” is not just a hot-button topic in today’s society. Instead, it has become an integral part of all successful companies. Now, more than ever before, business ethics are valued and examined on both an internal and external level. In the information era we live in, information about any topic is available at the click of a button. Thanks to easily accessible information, society can now hold companies accountable for their ethical behavior. Furthermore, millennials entering the workforce are searching for employers who operate responsibly and ethically.

Business ethics must penetrate into the organizational behavior of a company in order to be sustained. Therefore, understanding how organizational behavior works is essential for ensuring an ethical environment. Business ethics and organizational behavior go hand-in-hand in a variety of ways. This module will help to better understand the meaning of business ethics and why they are so important to running a successful company in today’s day and age.


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