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The Organizational Behavior textbook contains fifteen modules—one module per week for a sixteen-week semester (with an additional week for review). If you need to modify the pace and cover the material more quickly, the following modules work well together:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Organizational Behavior and Module 2: Social Diversity in the Workplace
  • Module 4: Individual Personalities and Behaviors and Module 5: Organizational Culture
  • Module 9: Group Dynamics and Module 10: Managing Groups and Teams
  • Module 11: Conflict and Negotiation and Module 12: Making Decisions
  • Module 14: Organizational Structure and Module 15: Organizational Change

Module 3: Ethics in Business and Module 7: Managing Stress and Emotions can also be combined with other modules as necessary.

We recommend NOT doubling up the following modules, because they have more material to cover. Students will need more time for mastery and completion of assignments.

  • Module 6: Motivation in the Workplace
  • Module 8: Communication in the Workplace
  • Module 13: Leadership