Technology and Organizational Behavior

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the impact a technology driven workplace has on behavior

How does technology impact your daily life? How long could you last without your cell phone, your computer, your television? Just as technology influences your daily life, it also influences the modern workplace. Watch the video below to better understand just how much technology affects every aspect of an organization.

As you can see, technology has an impact on every aspect of the workplace. Let’s further explore some major categories where technology plays a leading role.


Technology has made communication easier than ever before. Long gone are the days where you send a letter and wait for a written response or have to use an operator to connect a call. Emails, texts, interactive documents, and video conferences all make communication easier and faster than ever before. Electronic communication brings another level of complexity to an organization as inflection and tone is much harder to detect in text versus a face-to-face conversation. Utilizing concise and friendly electronic communication can be challenging but is extremely important to maintaining a professional work environment.

Workplace Environments

Technology has shifted the way the workplace looks today. While many people still go into the office for their workday, other employees have the option to work remotely. Some companies even operate strictly online and do not require a brick and mortar workplace. In addition, video conferences have replaced in-person meetings and changed the dynamic of many professional, working relationships.

Organization and Efficiency

Technology allows companies to be more organized than ever before. Filing a document can be done instantaneously and retrieved just as easily. The speed of the internet and the availability of technology allows for a much more efficient workday. Documents can now be signed electronically and sent wherever they need to go quickly. Training and development can now be offered online and allows individuals to complete training on their own time, eliminating the need to work around many schedules to conduct a training event.


Technology enables people to be constantly in touch with their work. Email and smartphones oftentimes prevent people from unplugging from their job. While this can be avoided by setting aside technology when you are off work, some companies now expect an immediate response to questions or concerns. While for some this may be a welcomed advantage, for other it can potentially lead to burnout and frustration. Accessibility of technology is a necessity for almost every organization. A power outage or lack of internet access can completely shut down a company.

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