Module 12 Assignment: Personality and Performance


If you’ve ever been a part of a group or team you know that there’s more to performance than individual expertise. Differences in values and personalities can make the results either significantly more or less than the sum of the parts. There has been significant research conducted linking personality and performance—in particular, at the CEO/organizational level. In this assignment, you will have an opportunity to consolidate and extend what you’ve learned about personality and performance and see how that plays out in terms of leadership effectiveness.

Your Task

  1. Review the following sections of your text: Personal Values and Personality at Work, Attitudes that Affect Job Performance and Job Fitness and Performance.
  2. Conduct additional research to explore the link between a CEO’s personality and his or her company’s financial performance—for example, investment choices, operating performance, stock price performance, risk of litigation.
  3. Write a 3 paragraph essay stating your position on whether there’s a link between a CEO’s Big 5 (or similar) personality and organizational performance, using terminology from the chapter. Support your position with credible data and, as always, include a link(s) to your sources.