Module 2 Assignment: Sun City Boards’ Management Style


Tom is struggling to identify a management style that he would consider a fit for him and Sun City Boards. He has asked you to review the history of management and propose a management approach that would be appropriate for Sun City Boards. A key challenge for Tom is how to balance the need for creativity in surfboard design and development with the need for control of the manufacturing process to maintain the high level of product performance that the company is known for and that supports it’s premium price.

Your Task

  1. Review the management practices and operating assumptions covered in the History of Management module with Tom’s request in mind.
  2. Outline a management philosophy (hybrid is fine) and operating processes that would address Tom’s concern for balancing creativity and quality control.
  3. Write a three paragraph email to Tom outlining your proposed management style/structure and rationale. Include in your email three terms from the module, properly defined and referenced in case he wants to research further.
  4. Given that Tom has been more of an anti-manager than a manager, propose an approach that would allow for a smooth transition rather than an abrupt change in culture and operations that might cost the company valuable talent.