Module 8 Assignment: Midterm Muddiest Point

Open Pedagogy Assignments are assignments in which students use their agency and creativity to create knowledge artifacts that can support their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and the learning of students around the world. (See this peer-reviewed article for more details.) The assignment on this page is aligned to the learning outcomes of Principles of Management and we’ve identified the module where the reading appears. All of the assignments can be created with a cell phone camera or any video recording device, Google or Word documents, and your learning management system. 


  • Explain the primary functions of management

Assignment 2:  Midterm Muddiest Point

Each module is designed with a section titled “Dive In” and that’s exactly what we’re going to do for this short group assignment. Now that you’ve covered four or five modules in this course, let’s pause to reflect what we’ve learned thus far.

For this assignment, you are going to work with a small group to hunt down useful concepts in the course. Think of this work as a living document that future students will use. Using a Google Doc, or a similar online tool, create a list with the following information.

  • Each individual in the group should find at least one important concept in the course.
  • For each term, each person will write one question that they still have about this term. For example, if somebody chose the term contingency plan, then another group member would need to ask a question such as “What are different types of contingency plans?” or “When would management need to create a contingency plan?” etc.
  • The goal is to create a vocabulary list with your peers with questions about those terms.

A Note To Teachers: You may want to break your students into groups and let them work on their own document that you will eventually create into one document. You might think of this assignment as a diagnostic where you can gain insight into what the students might be struggling with thus far in the course. Think of this assignment as trying to build student engagement with the content and their peers where there is no right or wrong answer as they create a study guide. Their questions should give you insight into where they might be struggling with the content.