Introduction to Speeches about People: Toasts, Roasts, and Eulogies

A woman giving a eulogy in a church

Whether a toast, a roast, or a eulogy (as in this picture), special occasion speeches about people require thoughtfulness and preparation.

Toasts, roasts, and eulogies are public speaking situations that call for thoughtfulness and care. In each of these situations, you’re trying to honor someone close to you through your words, while creating an emotional connection to the crowd. You may be entertaining the crowd in an uproarious roast, creating a festive mood with a toast at a banquet, or comforting grieving family and friends with a heartfelt eulogy.  Knowing how to deliver speeches for each of these situations will serve you for a lifetime. We’ll cover how to properly craft a speech that is tailored for each of these circumstances so that you can rise to meet the occasion!