Module 12 Assignment: Engaging the Audience Online

Imagine giving an online workshop or webinar about something you know a lot about. It could be an activity like cooking or video games, an academic subject like business ethics or physics, or some other category of knowledge, such as a place you know well. In this case, though, we’re not going to be thinking about how to share your knowledge with the audience– we’ll be thinking about how you could bring audience interaction into your online workshop.

Step 1: Give a brief description of the workshop. How many people would be there? How long would it last? What would you be talking about (in general)?

Step 2: Describe the kind of interaction with the audience that would help them to be most engaged and get the most out of your online workshop. How would you like them to be able to interact with the material? What would you like to know about your audience? What would you want them to know about each other?

Step 3: Use the internet to research which tools would allow you to engage with the audience this way. Do you need online polling software? That ability to create breakout rooms? Interactive games?

Step 4: Create an annotated list of technical requirements for your workshop. How would you want to deliver the workshop? Which conference software would you use? Is there third-party software you’d want to use for greater interactivity? What are the pros and cons of each technical piece?

Grading Rubric

Grading Criteria Percentage Percentage Earned & Comments
Description of the workshop 25%
Plan for audience engagement 25%
List of technical requirements 25%
Annotations (pros and cons) of the technical elements 25%