Module 15 Discussion: Visual Aids

Step 1: Choose a topic you might like to speak about.

Step 2: Post a specific purpose statement about this topic in the discussion forum.

Step 3: Choose two of your classmates’ speech topics and suggest one visual aid that might go well with the topic. In three to five sentences, describe how that visual aid might be used to support your classmates’ speech. Also list one or two considerations they should keep in mind in using that visual aid (e.g., don’t use a poisonous snake as a prop; add alt-text to images; make sure the chart can be read from anywhere in the room). If someone has already responded to this topic, choose a different visual aid and try to sketch out how this visual aid might support the speech. You may discover that this visual aid isn’t as promising as the one that was suggested in the first response. That’s OK! We’re working on thinking through the benefits and drawbacks of using different visual aids.

  • Objects
  • Props
  • Clothing
  • Demonstration
  • Poster
  • Flipboard, Whiteboard, Blackboard
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Image
  • Chart
  • Graph
  • Text