Module 2 Assignment: Ethical Dilemmas

Step 1: Select one of the following scenarios and analyze the ethical dilemma therein.

Step 2: Next, identify what steps you would take if you were the person involved.

  • Scenario 1: Shalamar has been asked to give a speech at the next Parent Teachers Association meeting in her town about the benefits of membership. She has a daughter in the school and has been a member for two years. Her sister is a teacher at the same school and has mixed feelings about the association that she has made known to the public. She has often complained that the association causes more interference than they give support to the teachers. What should Shalamar consider and what should she do?
  • Scenario 2: Dr. Weimer has been asked to deliver a speech regarding the benefits of getting a flu shot at a nursing home where some patients have trepidation about whether or not the shot is effective and necessary. Dr. Weimer’s office gives out the flu shot annually. When he uses the shot from a particular supplier, he gets a kickback of money after so many shots are used. This financial benefit is very helpful to maintaining his practice. What should he consider in regards to giving this speech and what should he do or not do?
  • Scenario 3: Cassandra is a manager of a retail clothing store. She has been a manager for three years and loves her job. She supervises about 20 employees and oversees the scheduling, hiring, and promoting of staff. Her current assistant manager has decided to take another position and leave the company. Cassandra needs to select who will be the next assistant manager by interviewing the top store employees. She narrows her selection down to two people, Kyle and Shauna. Kyle has been with the company for two years and has received good feedback and reviews from customers. He is often early to work and goes above and beyond with stocking and inventory. Shauna is a bright and cheerful person who went to high school with Cassandra. She has been with the company for three months and works really hard. What should Cassandra consider and do?

Assignment Rubric:

Grading Criteria Percentage Percentage Earned & Comments
Analysis of Ethical Dilemma 50%
Actions to be taken based on Ethical Dilemma 50%