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Public Speaking contains 15 modules—roughly one module per week for a sixteen-week semester. This course is designed to be flexible, since different instructors will want to place speech assignments in different places.

The first four modules provide background for any particular public speaking situation:

  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Ethical Speech
  • Listening and Responding
  • Considering the Audience

The next four modules outline the steps for putting together a speech project:

  • Choosing and Researching a Topic
  • Organizing and Outlining Your Speech
  • Refining your Speech
  • Delivering Your Speech

The next three modules cover the major types of speeches. These are designed to be relatively modular, in that they could go anywhere in the course (they review the relevant material on organizational patterns and supporting materials, for instance, so it would be possible to cover “Informative Speaking” before “Organizing and Outlining your Speech”).

  • Informative Speaking
  • Persuasive Speaking
  • Speaking to Entertain and for Special Occasions

The next three modules cover various public speaking situations and can be used as appropriate for the particular course or context:

  • Public Speaking Online
  • Public Speaking on the Job
  • Small Group Communication

The final module, “Creating and Using Presentation Aids,” can be placed anywhere in the course to assist students in putting together their presentation aids.

The “Capstone Project” breaks up the process of preparing and delivering a speech into five separate parts to allow for scaffolding and step-by-step guidance and assessment.

A possible 15-week pace could look like this:

Week 1: Module: Introduction to Public Speaking

Week 2: Module: Ethical Speech

Deliver introductory speech

Week 3: Module: Listening and Responding

Week 4: Module: Considering the Audience

Week 5: Module: Informative Speaking

Week 6: Module: Creating and Using Presentation Aids

Deliver informative speech

Week 7: Module: Choosing and Researching a Topic

Week 8: Module: Persuasive Speaking

Begin capstone project (Persuasive): Capstone: Topic, Purpose, and Central Idea

Week 9: Module: Organizing and Outlining Your Speech

Capstone: Researching Your Speech

Week 10: Module: Refining your Speech

Capstone: Organizing and Outlining Your Ideas

Week 11: Module: Delivering Your Speech

Capstone: Rehearsing Your Speech

Week 12: Module: Speaking to Entertain and for Special Occasions

Week 13: Module: Public Speaking Online

Week 14: Module: Public Speaking on the Job

Capstone: Delivering Your Speech (Deliver Persuasive Speech)

Week 15: Module: Small Group Communication

Capstone: Delivering Your Speech (Deliver Persuasive Speech)