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A full set of PowerPoint decks is provided for download below. All decks are tightly aligned to the modules in this course. Since they are openly licensed, you are welcome to retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute as desired.

These PowerPoint files are accessible. If you do revise them, make sure to follow theseĀ guidelines for creating accessible PowerPoints.

Use the following links to download the PowerPoint decks:

Module 1: Intro to Public Speaking.pptx
Module 2: Ethics.pptx
Module 3: Listening and Responding.pptx
Module 4: Considering the Audience.pptx
Module 5: Topic and Research.pptx
Module 6: Organizing and Outlining.pptx
Module 7: Refining your Speech.pptx
Module 8: Delivering your Speech.pptx
Module 9: Informative Speaking.pptx
Module 10: Persuasive Speaking.pptx
Module 11: Special Occasion Speeches.pptx
Module 12: Public Speaking Online.pptx
Module 13: Public Speaking on the Job.pptx
Module 14: Small Groups.pptx
Module 15: Presentation Aids.pptx