Introduction to Merchandise Planning and Management

What you’ll learn to do: Identify the important aspects of merchandise planning and management

Merchandise management and planning are an essential part of successful apparel retailers. Here are a few statistics to consider regarding the size of the apparel market on a global level.

In total the global apparel market is approximately $3 billion dollars, 2% of the world’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product.  How does that break down into categories within the global apparel market?

  • Womenswear:  $621 billion
  • Menswear:  $402 billion
  • Childrenswear:  $186 billion
  • Sports Footwear:  $90 billion
  • Bridalwear:  $57 billion
  • Luxury Goods:  $339 billion

In this module we will explore the important characteristics of Merchandise Management that support this $3B industry.