Module 10 Discussion: Retail Operations: Managing the Store

Part 1

Your task is to write a short paragraph (no more than 300 words) discussing what you think are the most challenging operational policies regarding employees, store maintenance, and inventory. Explain why you think those aspects take the most time, energy, and focus of a retail manager. Propose some possible solutions to making those tasks run more smoothly. Your goal should be to present a creative approach to the topic.

Part 2

For each discussion forum, students need to create an initial post, then look over the discussion posts of your other classmates and give at least two (2) thoughtful responses to two (2) different classmates (one per classmate), totaling a minimum of three (3) posts for forum, including your initial post.

You need to write more than just a few words like: “I agree” or “Sounds good” or “Well said.” You must write several sentences that are thoughtful and suitable for a proper discussion. It is also fitting to ask questions or politely challenge your classmates if you like. When in doubt, just remember: this is a “discussion,” not a series of opinion blogs.

Grading Rubric

Your participation in this discussion will be graded using the following rubric. Please review and keep it in mind as you prepare your assignment.

Grading Rubric
Criteria Not Evident Developing Exemplary Points
Submit initial response 0 pts
No response
2 pts
Response does not fully address the prompt
5 pts
Response thoughtfully addresses the prompt and invites response from peers.
5 pts
Respond to at least two peers 0 pts
No response to peers
2 pts
Responded to only one peer
5 pts
Responded to at least two peers
5 pts
Total: 10 pts