Assignment: Collaborative Peer Activity: Los pasatiempos

Purpose: You will meet with a classmate in person, over Zoom, or via a phone call to practice using information in Spanish with a partner to talk about popular activities and when the best time is to participate in them, using a PDF worksheet to guide you. The collaboration part of this activity will take approximately 20 minutes, so plan accordingly. You will each have different information about activities and weather scenarios.

After you work with your partner through the information, you will independently write a Reporte based on the activity you did with your partner.

Task: With your partner, decide who will be Estudiante 1 and who will be Estudiante 2. Download or print the following PDF.

PDF download: Los pasatiempos

Inside, you will find two different packets, one for Estudiante 1 and one for Estudiante 2. Take a moment to preview the activity before beginning, as Paso 1 can be done independently. Instructions are broken down step by step for each of you as you work together to complete the missing information in each of your packets.

After you complete the activity with your partner, you will write a Reporte based on the activity you did with your partner. Your Reporte should be in Spanish, and should include the answers to the following questions, written in a cohesive paragraph:

  1. ¿Qué actividades te gusta hacer normalmente en tu tiempo libre?
  2. ¿Qué actividades no te gusta hacer regularmente en tu tiempo libre?
  3. ¿Qué recomendaciones de tu compañero/a vas a seguir (follow)? ¿Por qué?
  4. ¿Qué recomendaciones de tu compañero/a no vas a seguir? ¿Por qué?
  5. You will need to provide proof of your interaction with your partner to your instructor. Please upload a photo or screenshot of your portion of the completed PDF activity so that your instructor can see the work you did.

Criteria:  50% of the grade for this activity comes from your thoughtful Reporte addressing questions 1-4 on the previous Task portion above. The other 50% of the grade will come from point 5, the “proof” you submit to your instructor through a photo or screenshot of your portion of the completed activity. If you are unsure about how your instructor wants you to submit this assignment (i.e. upload a word processing file, upload media, etc.), please ask for clarification before beginning.


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