Ejercicios: Días y meses


  • Identify months, days, and seasons

A. Practice level 1 Meses del año

B. Practice Días de la independencia

Use the following table of independence days to complete the questions below.

Icon of an eye ¡OJO! In Spanish, dates are written with the day before the month, DD/MM, the opposite of English.

Día(s) de la independencia (DD/MM)
Flag of Argentina Argentina 9/7 Flag of El Salvador (Blue, White, Blue, with coat of arms in the center) El Salvador 15/9 Flag of Paraguay: Red, White, and Blue with a crest in the center Paraguay 14/5 y 15/5
Flag of bolivia Bolivia 6/8 Flag of Guatemala: Vertical bands of light blue, white, light blue, with a crest in the center Guatemala 15/9 Flag of Peru: Vertical bars of red, white, and red, with a crest in the center Perú 28/7
Flag of Chile Chile 12/2 Flag of Honduras: Blue, White, Blue with five blue stars Honduras 15/9 Flag of the Dominican republic: Squares of blue and red with a white cross and a crest in the middle República Dominicana 27/2
Flag of Colombia (Yellow, Blue, Red) Colombia 20/7 y 7/8 Flag of Mexico: Vertical bands in Green, white red, with crest in the middle México 16/9 Flag of Uruguay: White and Blue stripes, with a sun in the upper left Uruguay 25/8
Flag of Costa Rica (Blue, White, Red, White, Blue) Costa Rica 15/9 Flag of Nicaragua: Blue, White, Blue, with a crest in the center Nicaragua 15/9 Flag of Venezuela: Yellow, Blue, Red, with an arc of stars in the middle and a crest in the upper left Venezuela 5/7
Flag of Ecuador, Yellow, Blue, red with a coat of arms in the middle Ecuador 10/8 y 24/5 Flag of Panama: White, Red and Blue squares with a blue and a red star Panamá 28/11

In the blanks below, please write out the month in Spanish. Example: 16/9 = septiembre

C. practice Días de la semana