Module 2 Assignment: Collaborative Peer Activity: El zodiaco chino

Purpose: You will meet with a classmate in person, over Zoom, or via a phone call to practice using information in Spanish with a partner about you and your loved ones’ birth years to determine if there is any correlation between birth years and personalities. The collaboration part of this activity will take approximately 10 minutes, so plan accordingly. You will each have access to the same Chinese Zodiac chart, but you will be talking about different people in your lives and applying their information to the chart.

After you work with your partner through the questions, you will independently write a Reporte (report) based on the activity you did with your partner.

Task: Download or print the following PDF. PDF: El zodiaco chino. Inside, you will find information about the Chinese Zodiac. Start off by reading the instructions and finding your birth year on the chart.

After you have glanced through the chart, you will take turns reading the six questions about yourself and your loved ones with your partner. Each partner should have the opportunity to ask and answer each of the six questions. Make sure you take notes on your partner’s responses so you can use that information in your Reporte.

After you complete the activity with your partner, you will write a report in Spanish ‘Reporte’ based on your interaction with your partner. Your report needs to answer the following questions in paragraph form.

  1. ¿Cómo se llama tu compañero(a) (partner)?
  2. ¿Cuál animal es tu signo según (according to) el zodiaco chino? ¿Cuál animal es el signo del zodiaco chino de tu compañero(a)?
  3. ¿Cómo es tu personalidad según el zodiaco chino? ¿Cómo es la personalidad de tu compañero(a) según el zodiaco chino?
  4. ¿Cuál es el signo del zodiaco chino de tu mamá o de tu papá? ¿Cómo es su personalidad?
  5. ¿Cómo es la personalidad de tu mamá o tu papá según el zodiaco chino? ¿Estás de acuerdo o no estás de acuerdo?
  6. ¿Cómo es la personalidad de la mamá de tu compañero(a) según el zodiaco chino? ¿Tu compañero(a) está de acuerdo o no está de acuerdo?

Criteria: 100% of the grade for this activity comes from your Reporte addressing questions 1-6 on the previous Task portion above. If you are unsure about how your instructor wants you to submit this assignment (i.e. upload a word processing file, respond to a prompt, etc.), please ask for clarification before beginning.