Module 4 Assignment: Collaborative Peer Activity: Los modos de transporte

Purpose: You will meet with a classmate in person, over Zoom, or via a phone call to practice using information in Spanish about different modes of transportation. The collaboration part of this activity will take approximately 20 minutes, so plan accordingly. You will each have access to the same information and instructions, but you will be talking about your opinions and they might differ.

After you work with your partner through the various steps in this activity, you will independently write a reflection about your experience doing this activity.

Task: Download or print the following PDF. Inside, you will find information about a family whose members share a car, but who need to get to different places at different times. With your partner, complete steps one through four.

PDF of Los modos de transporte

Criteria: 100% of the grade for this activity comes from your answers on the .pdf document (each Paso is worth 25% of the total grade). If you are unsure about how your instructor wants you to submit this assignment (i.e. upload a word processing file, upload media, etc.), please ask for clarification before beginning. Please write on the top right of the .pdf document the name of the person you worked with in order to complete this activity.